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Any individual who wishes to volunteer at the school must complete the below State and Archdiocese of Chicago requirements prior to the event. This includes tuition compliance activities. If you do not complete the mandatory items and are unable to participate in your assigned Tuition Compliance activity, you will be charged the non-participation fee ($800 Cash Payout + $200)

NEW for 2021-22:

Mandated Reporter Training Class

The state of Illinois is now mandating that all volunteers are to take the online Mandated Reporter Class. This requirement is due by July 1st.

Go to and register.

You will need a computer with audio capability and a printer.

This will take some time. If you leave the session without completing it, you will have to start all over again.

Print off the DCFS Acknowledgement of Mandated Reporter Status form (DCFS CANTS Form 22).

Complete and sign the form and turn into the office. The form says “Employee name”–don’t worry about that they haven’t revised the form for volunteers. For type of employment put “volunteer” on that line.

Print off the Certificate of Completion and turn it into the office to Mrs. Grum’s attention.


New Families/Volunteers:

Virtus training, also referred to as “Protecting God’s Children” is an informational class to create a level of awareness regarding child safety. Due to COVID, this class is currently online. To take the class online, please click the link  for instructions.

After completing the class, you will receive monthly Virtus bulletins that you are required to read and answer a multiple choice question on the content of bulletin.

  • Online Background Check

See linked instructions below.

Please make sure to select St. Patrick School Wadsworth (not the Parish) as your location.

  • Code of Conduct

This is a part of the online background check. You must read the Code of Conduct and electronically sign it.

This is also part of the online background check, but you must print and sign this form.

Send it in to the office to Susan Grum’s attention.

This form needs to be signed and submitted every year.


Current Volunteers:

  • Please access your account on to determine what items you may need to complete
  • DCFS Cants Form 689 needs to be submitted every year to Mrs. Grum.
  • Virtus Training must be renewed every three years.
  • You must be up to date on your Virtus training bulletins.
    • Your Virtus account will indicate what is pending.

Instructions and Forms:

Volunteer Checklist

Virtus Account – New User

Virtus Training/Online Background Check Instructions

DCFS Cants Form 689

DCFS Cants Form 22



In addition to Tuition Compliance activities, we have events at school that need your help. If you would like to sign up for one of these optional events, please click the link: