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​Board of Specified Jurisdiction
Did you know that St. Patrick School is the parish’s largest ministry? The St.Patrick School Board of Specified Jurisdiction (formerly known as the school board) is looking for caring parishioners and parents willing to provide leadership and governance to our already successful school! Whether you have school age children or not, this ministry is a fantastic way to influence our children’s spiritual and academic lives. We are looking for individuals who express interest as future board members and/or to serve on the following committees:
 Fiscal Management
 Physical Resource Management
 Communication / Marketing
 Development
 Enrollment Management
 Ministry Effectiveness

In our rapidly changing society, are you willing to help shape our next generation of Catholics? For more information on how you can help, please contact Mary Vitulli, principal at

St. Patrick School has an appointed school board whose primary function is the oversight of school activates, in the six specified areas listed above. Policies are then implemented by the principal. Open board meetings are held every other month, as a full board, on the second Wednesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. beginning in August

It is important to note that the Board of Specified Jurisdiction is not a grievance committee for settling parent-teacher problems. Any issues should begin with communication between the parent and teacher first and then can be handled via the principal. If you wish to address the board at a meeting, please call the school office or the board president to be placed on the agenda. The Board of Specified Jurisdiction agenda is prepared one week before each meeting.

2022-2023 Board of Specified Jurisdiction

Name                                 Position                         Email                   
Rev. Wojciech Oleksy        Parish Admin        

Mary Vitulli                         Principal                

Krista Khayat                       Parents Assoc. Chair

Annie Barry                         Fundraising Chair

Brent Reynolds                   President/Parent  

Bill Buholzer                       Parishioner            

Maria Anguiano                  Parent                    

Michael Mathis                   Parent                    

Lori Fuller                            Parent                    

Allison Corder                     Parent                    

Amy Mally                           Parent                     

Samer Saleh                        Parent                     

Alisa Stevens                       Parent                     

Kevin Stevens                     Parent                      

Scott Dietrich                     Parent                      

Kelsey Balistreri                 Parent                      

Cathy Monroe                    Parishioner