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  • Locker Shelves

    Students in 4-8 grades have lockers.  If you would like to purchase a locker shelf for your locker, the following is recommended:

    • 4-5 Grades:  Shelves are provided in each locker.
    • 6-8 Grades:  The wire shelf units are the best for these lockers.  They have found that the adjustable ones collapse.  The wire shelf unit is 8 ½ x 11.  The 7/8 lockers cans use two and the 6 grade needs only one.
  • Calculators

    We have received a number of calls regarding the calculator listed in the supply list.  If you are in need of a new calculator and are looking for that specific one (TI 34II), you may purchase the TI 34.  I have been told the the TI34II is more expensive and hard to find.  The TI 34 will work just as well.